Bespoke Framing

Jarva Gallery is known for its quality bespoke picture framing service. Using the finest conservation standard materials to ensure your treasured item is displayed as it truly deserves to be.


We have over 200 mouldings on display here at the gallery. As a proffessional artist and designer I have an excellent eye for design & interiors that can hopefully help and inspire you for presentation ideas for your artworks, prints, photos, textiles and anything you would like framing. 


II look forward to seeing you soon. 

Medals, Shirts and multi apatures for this gold winning star.

This was a lovely order from a customer who had it made for a Christmas Gift. 

Here two beautuful narrow artworks where given the statement treatment with these heavy large black distressed mouldings. What an impact they make.

What a winner.  A frame full of medals for a champ. Just needs to be simply displayed  and works beautifully.

This gorgeous little print needed a lift. Here the deep red and gold frame just really worked without ditracting from the artwork with a double mount and the speciality glass.

Heres a fantastic original artwork that needed re stretching and framing with a white slip and large black frame. - Stunning x

Here a 3D map was brought into the gallery for framing. A box frame was used with a blue mount and we used the same mount as a slip and the speciality glass.

What a specal moment for us to be able to frame a card from the Queen for a wonderful couple celebrating an Anniversary. !!!!

We cut a  multi appature mount to enabel us to display the insert of the card and the  front showing the queen. 

Very happy customers xx

A gorgeous extra large painting was bought in . The original frame was a dark dull frame in a diffused  (none reflective glass old style) glass which obsured the beautiful detail and colouring of this art work.

Here we used a silver large frame with a double mount. Idealy our speciality glass would of been used but as it was a such a large piece it doubled the price. We recomended instead to keep costs down to use standard glass as it would be better then putting back the diffused as the colour would be seen. 

The customer could not believe how much colour and detail was lost with the old glass but could now be admired .

Happy customers xx


Here is an example of when a frame is just perfect for the subject. I used a dark green mount as there was alot of text on wite paper with the strong image at the top so a dark mount balanced the whole print. The frame has a distressed gold running through it with a dark green colouring so suited perfectly the fish.

A huge canvass came into our gallery to be framed. We used a double frame . A white inner moulding and a soft distressed gold outer frame. As it was on canvass no glass was needed.




A pair of first  baby shoes- how gorgeous are these. A tappered box is hand made using chosen coloured mounts. The original reciept is inserted below the shoes. Finished with a black and silver frame and our speciality glass.(not shown)

What a lovely keepsake. Here we have a football programme with its original ticket.

I kept the presentation simple cutting a multi apature into a dark mount and used a pale frame

A beautiful original oil painting in vibrant colours. We have used here a triple frame.

Its original frame was a dull gold and did nothing to bring out the colours.

This now looks like a brand new picture and presents it how it deserves to be. 

The customers were delighted with the result.

Using a triple frame we where able to use the outer frame with depth and this creates dimension to the finished piece. Detail on this frame is a silver which sits nicely with the white washed wood finish. I find silver lifts a pictures especially when lots of colours are in the artwork. It only needed a little so not to over power the at work.

A very special original piece of art by Mark Dempsteader just finished in our workshop.


Charcoal on paper with a deckled edge, this piece was float mounted to show the edge of the paper. A slip was used between the frame and the glass to keep the glass of the artwork. Speciality Glass is also used.

Great idea for a special event.


We supplied the extra large mount for the day. Use either an A4 piece of paper with "Wedding day" comments to be written on or "Congratulations please sign." Or 80 today, 21 today ect.  Its just great fun to keep.


The end of the day you have fantastic memories written to look at and remember. Choose your favourite photo to go in it and come and finish getting it framed.

Another Face Lift for a small beautiful picture.


This art work was very delicate with beautiful colours but was very over powered by a dark glossy frame. Yo can see the glass is extreamly reflective so difficult to view the piece.


Our approuch (below) was to give a fresher feel by using a triple mount with a small slither of a complimentory colour in the second mount. The frame chosen was a soft matt silver with a little bit of detail to give interest but not distract from the art work. We then used the special Claryl glass that has a reflective value of only 1% enabling the viewer to see clearly the artwork.




New Glass, triple mount and a soft silver frame.

A gorgeous framing job to do- this was a beautiful photo brought into Jarva Gallery to be framed and it looks stunning. Using a large white moulding with the speciality glass gives this peice a statement finish. 

A unique framing oportunity came in at Jarva Gallery recently. Framing a coat of arms for a lovely customer who I'm very happy to say loved the work we had done for him. The item had to be boxed framed because of the depth of the wax containers. All work involved conservation tapes and mount boards. A lovely job to do for a lovely couple. 

Just to show you the start of the coat of arms piece (above) as all framing jobs start of here in the gallery. Choosing the mounts and mouldings plus any details to enhance and compliment the item wether it be a family photo, childs drawing, greeting card, football shirt or a special piece like this one..

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